Announcing The Ninth Alliance Summer Geography Institute

(ASGI 2005)

June 11-20, 2005 and July 11, 2005


An intensive geography education training will be scheduled for June 11-20 of 2005. All K-12 teachers and those who deal with K-12 education outreach are invited to apply. The 10 day institute will include:

This "geography boot camp" will be the best experience a teacher can ever have in terms of professional growth. And with graduation from ASGI, a teacher will be eligible: ASGI ELIGIBILITY:

The application process is open to ALL K-12 teachers and others associated with K-12 education outreach. This program is not limited to conventional geography teachers. We view geography as an integrative discipline that fits almost all instruction. Enrollment will be limited to 24.


This is an intense (but very fun) graduate level program that will consist of classroom work, hands-on activities, and a field experience. Participants are required to attend all sessions (June 11-20, 2005). During these 10 days, participants will participate in a three to four day excursion to the cooler climates of Arizona. Participants will then return to the ASU campus on July 11 to present an original geography lesson that they have created and then participate in graduation ceremonies.


April 25, 2005 Deadline for applications. (Applications can be submitted as late as May 27, but all participants may have been selected by this time.)

May 27, 2005 Last date for canceling your application and having the $100 deposit returned.

June 11-20 Daily instruction will be conducted by a cadre of K-12 Teacher Consultants (TCs) and a team of university geographers from around the state. Some evening events and weekend instruction are mandated.

July 11 Present an original lesson created by the participant. Relatives and friends are invited to a late afternoon graduation ceremony and celebration.


Maricopa County participants can choose to live in university housing or at home during the institute sessions. All participants will be housed at our expense.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, ASGI GRADUATES are eligible for:

~ Alliance sponsored advanced workshops here and in other states

~ National Geographic Society sponsored workshops

~ Advanced Placement Geography training workshops

~ GIS (Geographic Information Systems) training workshops

~ Grants for classroom projects

~ National Geographic Society (NGS) TC grants

~ Leadership training in Washington, DC through NGS

~ Other professional development opportunities that involve international and national travel

FINANCIAL INFORMATION -- YOUR COSTS: Approximately $194 dollars plus registration fees of approximately $75. You will be required to sign up for 3 hours of graduate credit through Arizona State University but the Alliance will reimburse you for 2 of the 3 hours upon completion of the institute.


1) Lodging costs in ASU Residence Halls and on the field trip will be covered completely.

2) Daily food costs will be heavily subsidized.

3) Teaching resources (books, maps, atlases, lesson plans, transparencies, CD-ROMS, etc.) valued at over $400.


~ Create a lesson based on based on the Arizona geography standards

~ Attend all activities of the Institute

~ Read all assigned materials

~ Present your lesson to fellow participants in a prescribed format on July 11, 2005

~ Conduct 2 inservice workshops after graduation--one at GeoFest 2005 is encouraged

~ Participate in post-ASGI retreats and workshops

~ Graduates, known officially as Teaching Consultants, will be expected to join in the continuing effort to spread geography education throughout Arizona.



Complete the attached application and include:

a) from your principal--a letter of reference that addresses your skills in the classroom, plus your district's willingness to facilitate your presentation of two staff development workshops. AND b) from a colleague--a letter that discusses your classroom effectiveness and rapport with fellow educators. Mail to:

Alliance Summer Geography Institute

Department of Geography

Arizona State University

P O Box 870104

Tempe, AZ 85287-0104

Deadline for applying: April 25, 2005