Your Rights to Use This CD:

Our goal is to ensure that you have received adequate instruction in the use of these lessons.  We assume that you obtained this CD through one of the trainings of the Arizona Geographic Alliance.  Thus, the Arizona Geographic Alliance grants the possessor of this CD unlimited rights to use the CD in the owner's classroom.

School/District Rights to Use This CD:

Our goal is to ensure that each school or district in Arizona that wishes to use the CD has adequate training to ensure that its rich materials are used in a way to fully benefit students.  Thus, when you contact us, we will discuss with you how we might best meet your training needs -- perhaps through offering a workshop or perhaps by giving your teachers the opportunity to take a distance learning class through Arizona State University.

If we have grants at the time of your inquiry, your school/district will be given the workshop free.  If we do not have grants, please understand that the $1040 cost of the workshop is to recover only our expenses. The workshop comes with full rights to use the CD in the covered schools.

If you do not wish training, but wish to use the CD throughout your school, we charge a fee of $100 for the school site license in Arizona.  That $100 fee can then be used towards the purchase of a workshop for your school, should you decide that training would amplify the power of the lesson package.

If you are not in Arizona, and you simply wish a site license to use the CD, the cost is $300 per school. The cost of an out-of-state in-service, should you desire one, is obviously based on travel costs for the training team.

For questions and requests, please contact us at:

Arizona Geographic Alliance
Geography Department
Box 870104
Arizona State University
Tempe AZ 85287-0104
or via e-mail at


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