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Arizona Reading Standards

Overarching Reading Standard: Students  learn and effectively apply a variety of reading strategies for comprehending, interpreting and evaluating a wide range of texts including fiction, nonfiction, classic and contemporary works.


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Strand One - Reading Process

Reading Process consists of the five critical components of reading, which are Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension of connected text. These elements support each other and are woven together to build a solid foundation of linguistic understanding for the reader.

Strand One Lessons

Strand Two - Comprehending Literary Text

Comprehending Literary Text identifies the comprehension strategies that are specific in the study of a variety of literature.

Strand Two Lessons

Strand Three - Comprehending Informational Text 

Comprehending Informational Text delineates specific and unique skills that are required to understand the wide array of informational text that is a part of our day to day experiences.

Strand Three Lessons


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