Title It's Not a Ford...It's a Fjord! Learning Landforms and Bodies of Water through Word Association
Lesson Description  Very often elementary students lack knowledge of basic geography vocabulary terms associated with landforms and bodies of water. This lesson, which can be done throughout the school year, provides a method for students to become familiar with geographical terms as they appear in their geography studies.
Author Barbara Martin
Grade Level 6-8
Duration 2 class periods

Arizona Geography Concepts Arizona Reading Strands Arizona Writing Strands  National Geography Standards National Language Arts Standards
1 1 1, 2, 3 4 10

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Teacher Instructions

Student Worksheets, Assessments, and Answer Keys

Student Work Sample

Photo of a Fjord

Powerpoint Presentation

Materials to Assist Teachers and English Language Learners:

Teacher Instructions ELL Adaptation

Student Worksheets, Assessments, and Answer Keys ELL Adaptation

Powerpoint Presentation

Vocabulary Cards

Images of Landforms Courtesy of NASA and AzGA:

Atoll, South Pacific

Basin, Death Valley, California

Cordillera, Western North America

Delta, Mississippi River Delta

Desert, Desert Pavement in Panamint Valley, California

Estuary, Rio de la Plata, South America

Fjords, Glacier Bay, Alaska

Iceberg, Calving of Antarctic icebergs into the Sea

Mountain, Teton Mountains, Wyoming

Peninsula, Balkan Peninsula

Plain, Kangaroo Island, Australia

Reef, Florida Keys

Reef, Great Barrier Reef of Australia

River and Waterfall, Yellowstone River

Salt Flat (or Salt Playa), Death Valley, California

Strait of Messina

Strait of Gibralter

Volcano, Mauna Loa, Hawai'i

Wadi, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

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