Title S.T.A.R. I.T. Simplify The Article's Really Important Topic: Teaching the 5 W's Using The 5 Themes of Geography
Lesson Description  This lesson is intended for those students who have prior knowledge of the Five Themes of Geography. Students will learn a technique that helps them focus on the important details of an article, which will help them better understand the main idea.
Author Barbara Martin
Grade Level 6-8
Duration 1 class periods

Arizona Geography Concepts Arizona Reading Strands Arizona Writing Strands  National Geography Standards National Language Arts Standards
1, 2, 5, 6 1, 3
1, 3 17, 18 3

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Teacher Instructions

Student Sample Article and 5 Themes Material

STAR IT Graphic

6 Traits Writing Rubric

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Teacher Instructions ELL Adaptation

Student Materials ELL Adaptation

Vocabulary Cards


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Satellite Image of Tucson in 2002 (courtesy of NASA)

3D Satellite Image of Tucson in 2002 (courtesy of NASA)

Movie zooming into Tucson from Space (courtesy of NASA)

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