Title A Glimpse of Growth: Stories of Phoenix
Lesson Description  In this lesson, students will learn how different social, cultural, technological, and economic factors have changed over the years and contributed to the urbanization of metropolitan Phoenix through reading oral histories of long-time Phoenix residents.
Author Patty Sepp
Grade Levels 6-7
Duration 2-3 class periods

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Teacher Instructions

Student Worksheets, Assessments, and Answer Keys

Student Examples

NASA Earth Observatory "Image of the Day" on Booming Growth of Phoenix Suburbs.

Images of Phoenix Growth

Satellite View (1991) of Phoenix

Illustrations for Lesson Extension to discuss Tucson Growth

Simplified 6 Traits Writing Rubric

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Teacher Instructions ELL Adaptation

Student Worksheets, Assessments, and Answer Keys ELL Adaptation

Vocabulary Cards

Extension Material from NASA Research (courtesy of NASA's Visualization Studio of Goddard Space Flight Center)

Satellite view of Tucson in 2002

"mpg" Movie Flying Around Phoenix in 1998