Title Three Gorges Dam
Lesson Description  There is a delicate balance between humans and the natural systems in which they interact. Humans often change their natural environment in an attempt to "improve" it. Sometimes it does increase the environment's ability to support the humans. However, sometimes it decreases the environment's ability to do so.
Author Kathy Stelten
Grade Level 6-8
Duration 2-3 class periods

Arizona Geography Concepts Arizona Reading Strands Arizona Writing Strands  National Geography Standards National Language Arts Standards
2, 4, 5, 6 3 2, 3 14 5

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Three Gorges Summary 

NASA Watches Three Gorges Dam:

"NASA Satellites Watch as China Constructs Giant Dam"

Three Gorges Dam Imagery Courtesy of NASA: Before (April 1987) and After (November 2006)

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