Title Desertification:  Cause and Effect
Lesson Description  In this lesson, students will become familiar with the causes and effects of desertification, through a variety of modalities including: taking vocabulary notes, reading an environmental article, completing cause and effect graphic organizers and writing an expository essay.
Author Barbara Stout
Grade Levels 6-8 and High School
Duration 4-5 class periods

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Teacher Instructions

Student Worksheets, Assessments, and Answer Keys

African Regions Map (without names)

African Regions Map (with place names)

Article on Desertification for High School Readers

Article on Desertification for Middle School Readers

Student Work Sample  

Materials to Assist Teachers and English Language Learners:

Teacher Instructions ELL Adaptation

Student Worksheets, Assessments, and Answer Keys ELL Adaptation

Vocabulary Cards

Extension Material from NASA Research (courtesy of NASA's Visualization Studio of Goddard Space Flight Center)

"mpg" Movie Showing Different Biomes in Africa

"mpg" Movie of Satellite Images Showing Drying of Lake Chad from 1963 through 1997