About the Virtual Workshop for Geography and Diverse Learners

The Arizona Geographic Alliance Virtual Workshop for Geography and Diverse Learners (ELLs) provides the opportunity for educators to learn about teaching geography without having to leave their computer desks.  Modeled on our actual teacher workshops, the new online resources offer a virtual workshop on 10 strategies that are effective when teaching geography to diverse learners.   Each segment begins with a short introduction by Dr. Elizabeth Hinde stating which strategy will be the focus of this segment.  Dr. Margarita Jimenez-Silva then relates the educational research that confirms using this strategy will promote learning.  Co-coordinator, Gale Olp Ekiss then uses one of the 85 GeoLiteracy lessons as an example of how to apply this strategy in teaching geography.   The final portion of the virtual workshop is a link to the lesson plan and any anxillary materials needed to teach the lesson.  

The strategies featured in the virtual workshop are:

The delivery system for most of the virtual workshop is through the use of voiced-over power points.  The interested educator can select the links they wish to explore and listen to, as well as view, the contents of the presentations.  Since each segment has four separate links, educators can skip about as their needs permit.  To view all 3 voiced-over power points  of each strategy and print off the lesson plan would take approximately 10 minutes.   Therefore, it is predicted that to view all of the presentations for the 10 strategies would take an educator about 2 hours.

Districts and schools interested in face-to-face training in the GeoLiteracy Program or in teaching English Langauge Learners through geography should download this form.

This virtual workshop was supported by a grant from the National Geographic Education Foundation.