Results of NCLB-Articulated Research on the GeoMath Program

GeoMath lessons were piloted in 113 classrooms across Arizona, where the average characteristics of the students compare well with the socioeconomic setting of students across Arizona.  These graphs compare the characteristics of students experiencing the lessons with the nature of students in Arizona.



Mathematics test items were administered to control groups with a similar socioeconomic setting, where the control group's performance did not change. In contrast, math achievement gain in 113 classrooms from the pre-lesson testing to the post-lesson testing administered 30 days or more after the GeoMath lesson was taught.

This graph summarizes the change from pre-lesson test performance to post-lesson test performance.  Each dot represents the average performance of each of the 113 classrooms. Note that for most of the classrooms, student averages increased after the GeoMath lessons were taught.  The line represents the linear regression with an R2 value of 0.34, statistically significant at p<0.001. In this rigorous scientific testing, GeoMath lessons do appear to increase math performance on the math standards.

GeoMath lessons are so complete that they may change a teacher's comfort level with teaching mathematics.  In our survey of the piloting teachers, we asked if combining geography and math increases a teacher's comfort in teaching math.  A fourth of the teachers increased their level of comfort; 8% felt very uncomfortable to start with and increased in their level of comfort to uncomfortable (3%), comfortable (3%), and very comfortable (2%).  6% felt uncomfortable to start with an increased their level of comfort to comfortable (4%) and very comfortable (2%). 13% of the piloting teachers feeling comfort to start with felt very comfortable with math afterwards. These improvements are distributed similarly among the K-8 grade level. Unfortunately, 2% of the piloting responses revealed a drop from comfortable to uncomfortable. The remaining teachers did not change in their level of comfort.