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The original Outline Map Atlas for Arizona Classrooms was designed and produced by ASU Cartographer Barbara Trapido-Lurie, with assistance from her students in 1996.  Many of these exciting outliine maps have been adopted by the National Council of Geographic Education and National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Mission Geography in their projects.  Throughout the years, additional amps have been distributed in issues of the Arizona Geographic Alliance AtoZ Newsletter.  Now Geoliteracy proudly adds 21 new maps to this fine collection.


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The Outline Maps Atlas for Arizona Classrooms NOW INCLUDES:  



Specialized Geoliteracy Maps:

African Regions Leapin Landmarks
African Regions (with place names) Mexican Trails in Arizona
Arizona Cities (with compass rose Modern Arizona
Arizona Counties The Oregon Tral
Arizona Territorial Period Pima Territory, 1700
Central and Eastern Europe (with country names)* Prehistoric Cultures in Arizona
Copper Mines in Arizona The Silk Road
European Union Countries The Silk Road (with routes)
European Union Countries (with country names) Spanish Trails in Arizona
Jerusalem The United States and Its Major Rivers**
Landform Regions of Arizona The World and Its Major Mountain Regions
Map of U.S. Regions The Gila Trail

Maps of a Hemisphere or the World:

The Eastern Hemisphere The Western Hemisphere
The Southern Hemisphere** The World


Maps of the Continents:

Africa Europe
Antarctica North America
Asia South America

Map of Regions or Countries:

Former Soviet Union (with country names)* The Pacific Rim
Latin America South Central Asia
The Mediterranean Southeast Asia
Middle America Southwest Asia/North Africa

Maps of the United States and Its Neighbors:

Canada The United States (with state names)
Mexico (with state names)* The United States (half page)
Outline Map for U.S. Boundary Lesson U.S.-Mexico Border States
The United States  


Maps of the Southwest:

Historical Development of Arizona and New Mexico Boundaries The Southwest's Indian Reservations
The Southwestern United States The Southwest's Topography and Rivers


Maps of Arizona:

Arizona's Cities Arizona's Relief (in color)**
Arizona's Counties (with names)* Arizona's Topography
Arizona's Counties (without names) Historical Development of Arizona's Borders
Arizona's Indian Reservations Important Dams in Arizona**
Arizona's Landforms and Rivers Important Streams, Rivers, and Washes in Arizona
Arizona's Population Density in 1990** Map Key for Arizona Rivers Lesson
Arizona's Population Growth** Physiographic Provinces of Arizona

* Version in map packet without names

** New map, available in PDF format only