Welcome to RASI - Rock Art Stability Index

by the RASI team: Niccole Villa Cerveny, Case Allen, Elyssa Gutbrod, Steve Gibson, Ronald Dorn, Steve Gordon, David Whitley

Carrizo Plain National Monument pictograph suffering from salt-related flaking

RASI - the Rock Art Stability Index - is a tool that allows for the rapid assessment of the condition of a rock art site.  It has been designed for use by college students, rock art volunteers and archaeologists, and only requires a minimum amount of training to conduct.  Its purpose is to provide a replicable system to rank order various aspects of the observable physical condition of rock art sites, and to thereby score a site in terms of its current vulnerability.  By integrating RASI results for individual sites in a GISciences data base, it will be possible to determine which sites are in greatest danger in a region or a state.  It will enable us to establish rational priorities for site management and more detailed conservation and preservation projects.

Coso Range motif experiencing flaking from weathering-rind development

Listen to (windows media player format, quicktime format) an introduction to RASI by Dr. David S. Whitley, one of the world's most foremost authorities on rock art and author of the Handbook of Rock Art Research.

RASI Overview - A brief explanation of the rock art stability index. [This presentation provides the viewer an idea of the end scoring of different rock art panels, from a panel in "good" shape to a panel in "severe danger".]

RASI Training - We are developing online video training that will explain the basics of the rock art stability index.  These materials are not intended as a substitute for in-place training over a two-day period.  However, they will give you an overview of what to expect in the training and also as a review. 
               Click here for an example of the first in a series of online trainings by Dr. Niccole Cerveny. This overview is intended for individuals without any prior background in archaeology or earth science. 

RASI Atlas- Online Atlas giving examples of the different elements of the rock art stability index.  This is meant to be like a mineral book, where you can download and access these examples on your laptop or portable device.

RASI and GIS- We are developing examples of GIS can articulates to RASI, assisting site management in monitoring, conservation and preservation projects.

RASI Projects- Link to projects involving the Rock Art Stability Index.